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On April 28, 2014, I stood before Judge David  Gideon in DeWitt Town Court.
Charged with attempted criminal trespass and loitering for wearing a mask, few thought I had a chance of winning.  However after a brilliant defense presented by my lawyer, Kathy Manley, the Judge had no reasonable choice but to find me innocent.  Thank you Kathy, all of my witnesses, Maureen, Pete and Ted and all of the good folks who turned out to support me and our mission to stop the drone assassination program. Ground the weaponized drones.  Below and inside are links to several articles  about this case and the video which was a key piece of evidence in proving my innocence.  At, Catie O'Toole has written a fine article and thank you Dennis Yusko of the Times Union for covering this story also. Also here is ta link to a key piece of evidence by videographer Ted Forsyth. 

Transform Now - Sr. Megan Rice 's latest letter from prison

Sr. Megan Rice's latest letter from prison.

March 2, 2014 Ocilla, GA

Dear sisters and brothers, united as we are in efforts to transform weapons of war (alá Y-12, etc.) into projects fostering LIFE in all its fullness, restorative of justice, and healing for our planet and for the children...
Surely, our days since January 14, when we departed from Ocilla at 3:00 a.m. to arrive in the Knoxville office of the U.S. Marshall at 10:30 a.m., have been packed with learning experiences. These merit reflection. They even deserve to be communicated as events calling for our shared response. (more inside)

Tom Paine Winter Soldier Peace and Justice Awards Dinner

You are invited to attend the Annual Tom Paine Winter Soldier Peace and Justice Awards Dinner, sponsored by Veterans For Peace (Chapter 10, Albany, NY), on October, 29th, 2013.  Maureen Aumand, Kathy Manley and The Sanctuary for Independent Media will be honored this year for the their outstanding work in the field of peace and justice in the Capital District.  Shadowland ( one of the Northeast's most popular bands will be entertaining us too.  "Bio's and pictures inside" 

The Sanctuary "Celebrating the end of "UptownSummer 2013"    




The awards dinner will be held at the Latham Fire House Banquet room, 226 Old Loudon Rd. in Latham, NY,12110, 5:45 PM Cash Bar followed by dinner at 7 PM & awards ceremony at 8 PM.   

 The cost of the dinner is $29.95. Pre-registration is required by October 20. Please make your check out to "Veterans For Peace.                                                                                            

Please mail your check along with your dinner selection of Stuffed Chicken, Roast Beef or Vegetable Lasagna written on the memo line of your check to: Dan Wilcox, 280 S. Main Avenue, Albany, NY 12208

If you have any questions please call or email Dan.

 email:   Phone: 518-482-0262

 Please have your reservations in by Oct. 20, 2013

Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk April 12 - 18, 2014

A Personal Invitation to my VFP and Peace Activist Friends 

The above video was made for 2013. However aside from the new dates April 12-18, 2014 everythng else is very much the same. The 2013 Sacred Peace Walk was an amazing event and everything below is still heartfelt and true. I hope you will join us in 2014.

I just wanted to say a few words which I hope will encourage you to join our peace walk this year. There is no better place to be and little that is as important  then working to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  When you look at the historical record of nuclear "miscalculations, accidents and maddness", it is soon realized we are here by either pure luck or the grace of God. This does not have to be the case. South Africa rid itself of nuclear weapons, realizing how destructive it would be to continue on that path. Humanity can choose a wiser path. 

Not only, the desert is awesome. The beauty, the night sky, the mountains and all that may be experienced is  profoundly transformative. This is the reason why so many of us return year after year. 

Inside is more information and picutres from years past.  Call NDE at 702-646-4814 or go 

How is the War Economy Working for You?



VFP - Stop the Machine - Freedom Plaza -

How is the War Economy Working for You?

The Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk Journal 2011 by John Amidon

"Who's Next" by John Amidon

The "Golden Rule" Will Sail Again

The "Golden Rule" Willl Sail Again  by Lawerce S. Wittner

The "Golden Rule," the legendary 30-foot ketch that once terrified U.S. government officials, will return to the seas again this coming summer.

Frances Crowe: An Unexpected Holiday Gift! and Nancy Gwin: A Champion of Peace and Justice

Frances Crowe: A Unexpected Holiday Gift! Speaking with Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges and Coleen Rowley was great, but honest to God , meeting Frances Crowe was thrilling. Perhaps at this point in my 60 some years of life I am a sucker for silver haired old ladies . . . more inside Nancy Gwin: A champion of peace and justice. To affirm Nancy and all of the prisoners of conscience, please call your representative at ask that they co-sponsor HR 2567 - Latin America Military Training Review act , a resolution which will help close the U.S. Army SOA/WHINSEC. It is time to end the reign of terror conducted by the School of Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute For Security Cooperation at Ft. Benning, Georgia. For more information please go to More inside . . . .

Re-Thinking Hamas

Is Hamas a terrorist organization or the rightful resistance to a brutal occupation? It is a question that the U.S government and the American media seriously need to reconsider if peace is to be negotiated in the Middle East. Written in 2008 after meeting with Hamas officials in Damascus,Syria, I wrote this article to provide some beginning insight into Hamas for those who are interested.

Protection or intimidation and Ehud Olmert Comes to Union College inside . . .

Inside are two articles, Protection or intimidation? and Ehud Olmert Comes to Union College. Both articles concern Ehud Olmert's visit to Union College. more inside